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Remarketing – the process of reengaging a visitor, because not every potential customer makes a purchase during his first visit on your website.  Remarketing is based on a recent interaction with your website. Remind the customer about  offers, interest and encourage him to come back – these are the main functions of remarketing tool.

Google Adwords is an ideal variant where to use remarketing tool – your ads will be shown on Google Partners’websites.


How does it work?

  1. Potential customer visits your site
  2. Leaves your site, maybe even without any purchase
  3. Special program selects those people, who left your website without any purchase or conversion
  4. Selected audience (people, who didn’t buy anything) will see your text/visual ads on other Google-friendly websites
  5. This way potential customers will be informed about your special offers and discounts and visit your site again.
  6. The potential customer will turn into your constant customer.
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