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Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct. What is it?

Advertising system Yandex Direct is a powerful tool for online marketing. It lets create text ads for Yandex search as well as show them on other websites and also use remarketing and display advertising.

Yandex Direct is an analog of Google Adwords system. However, in contrary to Google, Yandex is the most popular search network in the countries of CIS. It means that you should choose Yandex Direct advertising system if your target market is in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

According to 2014 data Yandex Direct advertising network reaches more than 70M people and the number is growing. Also, Yandex search system includes more than 80% of all context advertising in CIS countries (in 2010).


Why is it worth using Yandex Direct?

  • Wider audience will be reached and new markets will be – Yandex is dominating search engine in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • Yandex Direct has a huge number of users that means your potential customers will be reached without spending money on deficient advertising.
  • Yandex Direct are ads always complied with the strict policy and rules of ads’ publishing.
  • Yandex Direct is created to be adjusted to your specific business needs and resources.
  • Your advertising resources will be optimized in order to reach the highest possible result and minimize costs.
  • Yandex Direct is a clear system that lets you get statistics from Yandex Metrics and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns any time you need.
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