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Google Adwords Advertising

Internet marketing today is an ideal way for business development. Are you striving for new business achievements?

If answered YES, Google AdWords advertising system will be useful for you.


What is Google AdWords?

The special method for Internet marketing, placing ads in Google search and other Google partners’sites. There is possibility to use only text ads, display ads (also: Remarketing) or both, in different formats. Google Adwords is meant for achieving different business advertising goals: inform, engage, create a unique image, etc.


Why using Google Adwords is totally worth it?

  • Google search engine gets 3,5 billion queries per day in the whole world and this number is actually growing. Google is one of the most popular Internet search systems in Lithuania and abroad. This means, that Google Adwords Internet advertising reaches an enormous number of clients everyday;
  • By using Google Adwords you will engage more and more potential clients through the Internet – site visitors, customers. Also, you’ll get more calls and requests from your future customers. What’s important – they will be back to you again and again (details: Remarketing). ;
  • Customers will be reached by your ads at most convenient time for them, 24 hours per day – each time when the search query will correlate with products/services you offer;
  • You will cover your target audience within limits you’ll set;
  • Google Adwords advertising is very flexible tool that allows you to reach the best result in spite of limited budget. The system is created to be adapted to your business needs and resources;
  • You’ll pay for advertisement only when customer clicks on your ad.

These are the main advantages of Google Adwords system. However, one of the most important part of success is ability to use and optimize your advertising.

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